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FR Trading is a global chemical trading company by tradition!

We offer solutions beyond distribution. This oil, gas and chemical trading company was established in one of the leading petroleum and natural gas players of the world, Kingdom of Bahrain.

With a strong base in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we provide our customers with one of the most extensive line of petro chemical products with an indigenous distribution channel. Although we do not provide warehousing facilities, it does not hold us back from streamlining the distribution process and ensuring profitability to our customers.

Since the inception, FRT has secured the end users as customers. This is the primary reason why some of the major Saudi Arabian petrochemical producers have joined hands with us. These big players have offered us their products, even for regions and customers where they have a presence either as Off-takers or Distributors.

FRT is a key player in bridging the gap between a distributor and a buyer. We are able to maintain harmony between various channels with a strict policy of restraining any conflict of interest with any party. We have worked with a huge channel of suppliers and distributors; therefore we understand to not disturb the working of any person/group in particular or, any distributor/off-taker in general.

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Our Prime Objective

We have the resources to cater to majority of the chemical buyers in different regions for chemicals and petrochemical products originating from the Gulf Cooperating Council. Our objective thus is to tap these markets worldwide.

We believe that a merely 20% of chemical buyers are covered by major producers from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Our objective is to tap into the remaining 80% of chemical buyers worldwide.

How We Work?

Utilizing our core strengths of key resources and relationship building with our strong customer base, FRT’s aims to target regions where producers from GCC and Europe, are though present and competitive. We are more than a global chemical trading company; we are international partners to our customers and suppliers who are committed to:

  • Use global network to provide market insight and expertise in order to grow our customer’s business.
  • Use rigid safety and compliance measures.
  • Build long-term buyer-supplier relationship.
  • Provide an innovative set of value-added services.

Why Choose FR-Trading?

As a Producer, one may wonder why offer any product to Future Resources Trading when there may be an obvious representative office of a given producer from GCC

The answer is simple;
personal relations with customers generally supersede any presence of a producer; as this is our core strength.